Burst pipes are the major type of damage that can devastate a residential or commercial property which is also known as Escape Of Water. But what does that pipe burst mean exactly? Well, in short and simple words, any type of water which finds an unnatural way into or onto a property, especially from the plumbing installations. The plumbing system of your household carries many gallons of water every day. You always rely on the integrity of the pipe to make sure you have the water when and where you will need it. When a pipe burst occurs, the subsequent water damage can become disastrous if you don’t know how to handle this type of circumstance. Here, I have discussed the important facts regarding the burst pipes in Nassau.

Brust Pipe

Common Reasons of Burst Pipes

Before knowing the restoring methods of pipe burst, it’s important to know what causes the risks of water damage in your plumbing system. Some of the common reasons for burst pipes in Nassau are:

  • Inadequate amount of pipe insulation
  • Insulation being damaged or moved from its original space
  • Malfunctioning of heating system
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Occurrence of pipe damage during home renovation

What To Do When Your Plumbing Pipes Burst

When your pipes burst or freeze, it suddenly swells approximately 10% in volume size and this immediate expansion can offer more pressure to rupture a pipe. This entire activity will be accompanied by a loud sound of ice breaking through the exterior part of your pipe.

pipe repair

In some cases, if the ice has not defrosted right away, then you need to turn OFF the main water value immediately. This valve should be located in your basement or the utility closet. If you turn it off, it can minimize the damage to be caused by the burst pipe. Then, contact the plumbers in Plainview of Allied/All City Inc immediately for your burst pipe restoration purposes. Remember, any interior water damage can be fixed by our plumbers in Levittown before it will become a serious problem.

Pipe Restoration

If the ice, which burst the pipe will be melting and water starts running into your home, shut off that main valve. Then you should check where the water is coming from and move the valuables to the safe place. After that, contact our reliable, professional plumbers in Levittown to resolve your burst pipe related issues. Our experienced contractors have a better knowledge on how to safely repair the burst pipes and damaged plumbing in a quick and cost-effective manner. Check out more about our services related to plumbing and reach us at 516-785-2700. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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