Things to Know Before Opting for a Grease Trap Installation

Posted: 24th August 2016 by alliedallcityinc in Journal

It is true that there is no way to stop all grease from going down a kitchen drain. In this case, installing grease traps are considered to be the most effective way out. Apart from being a part of home, the grease traps are used to be installed mainly at restaurants, institutional kitchens and hospitals.


If you are thinking to install grease trap for your kitchen, then check out the following to get a clear idea:

#1- The Facts about Grease Traps:

The grease trap is also known as grease interceptors that is attached to the plumbing under the kitchen sink. For any restaurant business, the grease trap plays an important role, as it ensures a top functioning plumbing section. A properly installed and maintained grease trap will make sure that all your cooking grease and food waste undergoes proper disposal without causing any blockage. Normally grease traps are used in kitchens to remove solid, fats, oil and grease (these are collectively known as FOGs) from the waste water before these are discharged into the municipal wastewater systems.

#2- How the Grease Traps Work?

The main work of grease trap is to reduce the amount of damage and clogging to your plumbing and septic tank. Normally it is believed that food preparation sinks, floor drains and commercial kitchen sinks that collect grease should have grease traps to collect the unwanted waste, solid particles and FOG and prevent an unwanted buildup in the municipal sewer line.

#3- What are the Common Grease Trap Problems?

You should be aware of some common grease trap problems that can impact its efficiency, such as:

  • Clog in Crossover: This situation occurs when FOGs or debris buildup in the crossover line between the two compartments of the plumbing section.

  • Clog in Incoming Line: The clog in the incoming line will affect the lowest plumbing fixture of the restaurant.

  • Clog in Outgoing Line: A clog in the outgoing line will result in an overflow from both compartments of the plumbing section.

To avoid these type of grease trap problems, you need to ensure proper maintenance and routine cleanup; this will also assure crucial in keeping the drains flowing smoothly and prevent costly backups. It is important to understand that the process of cleaning the grease trap depends on the frequency and quantity of the waste material that goes down the drain.

#4- The Necessity of Grease Trap:

For the municipal sewer, FOG (fat, oil and grease) is the big problem, which comes out from kitchens and can cause massive blockages that proves to be expensive and time consuming to fix. In this case installing a grease trap will offer you the best results by saving your time and money. Both home and commercial restaurants will get benefited by installing a grease trap.

Plumbing Repairs

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