Every kitchen, whether it is commercial or residential – produces grease. From roasting burgers to cooking meats to frying vegetables in oil, every chef & kitchen staff has to maintain their grease trap on a regular basis. After months of scuffing, spraying and cleaning it may become easy to overlook just how essential this tedious job is to the achievement of your restaurant or kitchen. With that in mind, below are a few reminders regarding the significance of grease trap cleaning.


Drainage blocking:

As its main responsibility, the trap catches grease prior to it arrives at the typical drainage unit. Due to its consistency, the oils and fats don’t drain appropriately in a liquid drainage unit. Grease trap cleaning is necessary, because if the contents spill over, they’ll get into the typical drain. If this takes place, there’re a few problems that can happen.

To start with, the drain can block. If this takes place, it makes kitchen cleaning unfeasible until the drain is totally cleared. This not just slows down your business, but creates a very disagreeable working environment. Oils and fats are very tough to rinse out of a tube, and it’ll take a professional plumber a long time to resolve a major block.

The bigger issue is if the contents do able to get through the drain and get into the sewage unit. If this happens, the grease can block up public septic tanks as well as other waste discarding systems, causing serious issues for a large number of individuals.

Kitchen safety:

You possibly don’t know that grease trap cleaning is very important to avoiding the most hazardous sort of kitchen fires. The flame of a grease fire is exceedingly hot, and is extremely tough to snuff out. Spraying water on this sort of flame will do nothing but expand the fire further all through the kitchen, ultimately getting out of control. Avoiding these sorts of fire is easy when there’s only a small quantity of oil to handle. If one pan or pot catches fire, it’s easy to repress the flame. However, when oils and fats aren’t cleaned properly, they expand to areas you would not even imagine to check. All it requires is one stovetop burner left unattended, and unexpectedly the kitchen can turn out to be a raging firestorm.


Appropriate grease trap cleaning must be a regular segment of the maintenance of your restaurant or domestic kitchen. How frequently it should take place relies absolutely on the volume of cooking you do every day. The trap must be cleaned at least once every ninety days. Also, don’t forget to hire a reputed cleaner in your area to do this job.

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