The sewer line you’ve running in your home is concealed deep underground, through many layers of dirt and grass. And this fact makes it difficult to spot a problem with a damaged sewer line without excavating expansive parts of your lawn. Majority of the homeowners obviously don’t want to deal with such an issue. Moreover, digging up a sewer line is a costly affair. If there is nothing wrong, that is wasted money. Before hiring a plumbing service in Nassau County, let’s have a look at some of the surefire indications of a damaged sewer line.

Easily blocked drains: Sometimes, your bathroom drains or kitchen sink may choke. In these circumstances, a clog is a simple fix. One can even purchase safe drain cleaner from the local hardware store. However, if a clog happens at an unfamiliar frequency, that is a surefire sign of something wrong with the sewer line. Check immediately with a plumbing service in Nassau County who can send the certified Plumbers right to the spot for inspection.


Strange Odors: Of course, we are talking about the sewer line. Strange odors are a certain way to tell if there is something wrong. Though you can’t often see an issue, you could smell it if there is anything wrong. The odor of sewer gas is quite strong to invade an entire home. It is also a surefire indication of a blocked sewer line. If the smell is worse on the lawn, sewer line damage is more likely. Better to take a quick action by dialing the numbers of plumbing service in Nassau and leave them the rest.

Soggy spots: A leaking or broken sewer line is often prompted by a tree root or a collapse. If the pipe is leaking, you can easily see damp spots in your lawn. In warm climates, these damp spots can be noticed rather easily. On occasion, just walk through your yard & observe the grass if you are concerned about your sewer line.

Mold issue: Besides sewer odor, mold expansion may also be an indication of a broken sewer line behind your walls. There’s mold that just requires the humidity extent to be higher than 50 percent to start growing. State that, a broken sewer pipe behind a wall can prompt the humidity level to escalate to a point favorable for a mold issue to start. If you observe mold expansion in your house followed by sewer smell then you possibly have a break in your sewage pipes.

You really don’t how big or how small the plumbing issue is but it is always good to call a Plumbing contractor to take a plumbing health check at your home or society or commercial place to solve the plumbing issue permanently.

To avoid any serious plumbing issue because of your broken sewer pipe feel free to call the professional plumbers in Nassau County at Allied/ All-City Inc the trusted professional plumbing contractors for residential, commercial & industrial plumbing solutions. We are at your help 24×7. contact us on 516-785-2700.

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