If you are one who is associated with a restaurant or food industry then you must be using plenty of grease and fat to make the cooking. It can also be said that you pour some of that into the sink and that goes down the drain. But have you noticed that recently water is not flowing down the drain as it used to? The reason is quite obvious; things are getting clogged in the drain due to the grease that you are spilling. So, you may be thinking about the solution to that? The only affordable solution to that is to have Grease Trap Installation.

Now you may be thinking what nature of trap is that. It is a trap that we install which captures the grease and oil that is spilled and does not allow it to drain through the pipes. It holds it for a considerable amount of time so that it cools down and grease can be separated and collected before it mixes with the soil.

Not having such installation, you will not only be drawing in trouble for you but also for your neighborhood. Other lines will also be clogged and they will also be facing the same nature of problem as you are facing. So, you can definitely think of the consequences that you have to pay for such incidents.

Grease Trap Installation

It would be cost-effective to have such Grease Trap Installation done by us. Not only as we will offer the service at have an affordable cost but it also helps you to save money in another way too. You do not have to close down your business until and unless the swear lines are cleaned and the building is disinfected. Definitely, you wouldn’t love to face such a situation and spend useless money.

We not only undertake installation of such traps but also help you to have proper maintenance of it. We would clean the grease machines and interceptors so that the trap functions as it should be.

We are also the one who will provide you with the advice regarding what nature of grease trap you must have at your establishment. We know what the local water authority permits and so will make available such design so that the grease can be effectively entrapped. We will also visit your place to consider the amount of grease that needs to be trapped and based on these entire considerations we install the trap that is ideal.

If you already have a grease trap installed and facing some problems then also we can be your best friend. You can call us at any time of the day and we will be happy to offer an affordable repair service.

If you want such nature of professional and affordable Grease Trap Installation throughout Nassau, Suffolk and NYC area then you need to be with Allied All City Inc. We will be able to provide a reliable service through our pleasant and experienced technicians. You can call us 24*7 at 516-785-2700.

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