The Grease Trap Installation That Offers Best of Grease Capture

Are you associated with a trade where the waste contains solid, oil, grease and other substances? If your condition is such then you must be requiring grease trap installation so that complete separation of those wastes can be had and the drainage system works perfectly. It would be best to have such installation done by us at ALLIED / ALL CITY INC.

The requirements of a grease trap

You may be thinking why to have such grease trap installed and that too by us. Yes, before going into the facts why we should be relied on let us see why you require such an installation.

Avoidance of clogging: The first and the foremost reason for having such a grease trap to be installed so that the swear line of your business establishment or house does not get clogged. The grease trap that we would be installing would enable the easy trapping of the grease and allow the liquid to settle down to cool.

Such an installation would help proper separation of the congeal grease from water and be collected. Such separation would not allow the grease to block the swear line.

Avoiding government penalties: Secondly, if it is found by government authorities that your establishment or residence is the cause of clogging of the swear line in the vicinity then you will face a heavy fine. It is for sure that you do not want to face such penalties. The best way is to have grease trap installation done by us.

Grease Traps Installations

So you can definitely understand that you require having an installation of such grease trap at your establishment or residence. Now let us see why you should rely on us.

The reasons that you should rely on us

There are quite a few reasons why you should be having the installation done by us. Let us have a look at some of those.

The expertise that we have: We are the one in your locality who have the best of experience in having such installation done. We not only outperform others in offering new installations but also help you to upgrade the previously installed trap so that best of separation can be attained and moreover it can be according to government specification.

Grease Traps Separators

We do our work on own: When you contact us for having best of grease trap installation then you can be certain that we will be doing the work and not giving the same to others who may not be having such expertise. Our experienced and licensed technician would be at your place and doing the job themselves with the help of the best equipment. Not only that, we offer years of guarantee on the works that we do.

So, when you require such installation of grease trap at your establishment or residence in entire Nassau, Suffolk, and NYC area you just need to give ALLIED / ALL CITY INC a call at 516-785-2700.

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